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If you have decided to sell your house, you undoubtedly have two objectives: to sell it quickly and at a price that guarantees you the maximum possible profit. 
It seems simple but in reality, it is not exactly that easy.
Putting your property on the market with an online ad with a price and photos, hoping and magically thinking of making a deal means ignoring a number of factors and mistakes that we see many people make every day.
Those who trust in HI-INVEST can count, instead, on a team of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the local market (Lanzarote and the Canary Islands) and exactly know how to maximize sales in the shortest possible time. To do this, we adopt a strategy that takes into account all the necessary aspects to achieve the best result. 


How to sell…

The price
Before presenting your property to potential buyers, we make an objective and realistic estimate of the sale price based on detailed analyzes of the different areas of Lanzarote. In this way, we let you know what its real value is and we adapt it to this, as well as to the state of the house, its characteristics, location, dimensions, distribution, etc. In fact, many owners cannot sell their house precisely because the sale price is very different from the market values.
Another aspect that distinguishes us is the clarity towards the parties, specifically with HI-INVEST you will know immediately what are the costs generated by the sale of your property, including notary expenses, cadastral taxes, personal income tax and municipal capital gains, among others. 
Property presentation
To make visitors feel that ours can become their future home, we must try to make it as neutral and impersonal as possible. What’s more, it is essential that the house looks clean and tidy. If it looks careless, no matter how beautiful, spacious and bright it is, it will cause some rejection. 
Another big mistake that many people make when they want to sell a house is not fixing the small defects. Many buyers want properties that are ready to move into and therefore do not need major changes. For this, it is important to analyze the state of the home and think about whether it is worth carrying out some type of reforms without works to renovate the home .  No major reforms are needed; simply by fixing the small flaws we will most likely get the house sold sooner. It will suffice to change the oldest elements, paint the house and little else; that is, make it more attractive.
But don’t worry, we take care of that with our interior design team. 


Real customers
First of all, we have a portfolio of potential clients from all over Europe to whom we can present your property. We will only show your house to target people  and therefore, really interested, we focus on quality and not on the number of visits because this speeds up the time it takes to sell.
We speak Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Romanian, so we know how to deal with the different needs and demands of the main European markets. 
We create clear, concise and attractive advertisements, with quality photos, in the main international portals: advertising a property is the key to generating interest or, on the contrary, if it is misused, it creates rejection. We firmly believe in both digital and traditional marketing actions.
Documentation and bureaucracy
A necessary point that allows us to speed up the sale is to have all the updated documentation ready, given that some procedures can take weeks to complete. Therefore, it is essential to have at hand all the information that buyers may request, such as the deeds of ownership of the property, the registration in the Land Registry, the energy certificate, etc.
Negotiation and conclusion
We take care of all the negotiations with the buyer, we organize all the appointments with the notary, all the necessary paperwork related to the sale process and we provide advice, guidance and full assistance.
As you may have understood, the sale of a property is a complex and stressful process, so you have to be patient. However, by trusting HI-INVEST everything becomes simple because we take care of everything.  

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